Brothers (1990)

Two brothers of opposite temperaments grow up together as love, hate, and confusion fill the trivial and significant movements of their lives.

The film was animated with brush and ink on multiple layers of tracing paper placed atop heavy rice paper, underlit to give the illusion that the figures are painted on a traditional Chinese scroll. The imagery for this film is inspired by first century Chinese Han tomb paintings.


An animated short film by Scott Sona Snibbe

Music by August Watters

Performed by Tim Roberts, Cello; Peter Bloom, flute; and August Watters, banjo and synth programs.

Running Time: 3:30 Minutes
16mm color, hand-drawn animation, mono optical sound.

Selected Screenings 

Anne Arbor Film Festival 1990
Ottawa International Animation Festival 1990
ASIFA San Francisco, Golden Gate Awards Screening 1990
Big Muddy Film Festival 1991
Athens International Film Festival 1991
Black Mariah Film Festival 1991
New York Expo of Short Film & Video 1991
Seattle International Film Festival 1991
Sinking Creek Film Festival 1990
International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart 1991
FIFREC, Nimes, France 1992
Wellington Animation Festival 1992
Shanghai Animation Festival 1992


Regional Finalist, Student Academy Awards, 1991
ASIFA EAST Student film award, 1990
Student Film Award. Stuttgart Trickfilm-Festival 1992
Best Drawn Animation, U Festival of Student Film 1991