Lost Momentum (1995)

In the private spaces of home, a father is trapped by his desire to create a perpetual motion machine. His obsession blinds him to the everyday magic of his wife and son. When the child mysteriously disappears, illusions dissolve.

The imagery for this film is inspired by the Paul Klee drawing A Hoffmanesque Tale, 1921.


An animated short film by Scott Sona Snibbe

Music by August Watters

Performed by the Hawthorne String Quartet

Running Time: 6:20 Minutes
35mm color, hand-drawn animation, mono optical sound.

Selected Screenings 

Seattle Film Festival 1996
Mill Valley Film Festival 1996
International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart 1996
Hiroshima Animation Festival 1996
New York Expo of Short Film & Video 1996
Wellington Film Festival 1996
Taos Talking Pictures 1996
Black Mariah Film Festival 1996
Fantoche 1997
Oberhausen Festival of Short Film 1997
Filmfest Dresden 1997
Charlotte Film and Video Festival 1997
San Francisco CameraWorks, 2001


Festival Competition, Stuttgart Trickfilmfestival 1996
Bronze Animation Award, New York Expo of Short Film & Video 1995
Director’s Citation, Black Mariah Film Festival 1995

Produced with a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts