Transit (2009)

28-channel multi-HD video installation

Transit is a large-scale video installation in the Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal that plays on fifty-eight back-to-back HD monitors curving above the arrivals waiting area. The fifteen-minute video features hundreds of pedestrians in silhouette who take part in a loose narrative grounded in their ceaseless movements left to right. Against this backdrop, travelers occasionally put down their bags and break into exuberant dance routines in styles that reflect L.A.’s diversity: from Hip-Hop to Salsa, Ballet, and Punk.

Mid-way through, the high-definition story shatters into abstracted fragments as multiple copies of travelers wipe forward across the screens; moon-walking travelers float backwards; crowds spew out from single travelers; and a Lady in Red appears who is ignored by them all.

The project is a collaboration with Choreographer Francesca Penzani, and videographer Noah Cunningham. The California Institute of the Arts Center for Integrated Media offered substantial facilities and support for the project’s production.


by Scott Snibbe

Choreography by Francesca Penzani

Cinematography, Editing and Post-production by Noah Cunningham

Wil-son Williams Salsa, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz
Reina Glenn Hip Hop, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Salsa
Danielle Peig Hip Hop, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Salsa
Juanita Lopez Folklorico, Mother
Christopher Anderson Father
Massimo and Rebecca Chhan Children
Rebecca and Samantha Salas Children
Zari Wigfall Modern, African, Dunham
Elton Laron Tap, African, Modern, Hip Hop)
Erika Marosi Ballet, Modern, Contact Improv, Jazz
Benny Fung Ballet, Modern, Contact Improv, Jazz
Hannah Rutherford Modern, Ballet, Scottish, Contact Improv
Travis Reinfried Modern, Contact Improv, Disco


Astra PriceStudio Manager, Lighting

Fontella BooneCostume Design

Sandro Del RosarioProduction Assistant