Falling Girl (2008)

Falling Girl is an immersive interactive narrative installation that allows the viewer to participate in the story of a young girl falling from a skyscraper. During her miraculously slow descent, the girl reacts to the people and events in each window. Daylight fades, night falls and passes, and at dawn, when the falling girl finally lands on the sidewalk, she is an aged woman bearing no resemblance to the young girl who started her fall minutes before.

Captured on an interactive wall, the silhouettes of viewers viewers appear in apartment windows to juxtapose against the ever-present central image of the girl in silhouette falling slowly as she gets older and older. In this way, viewers participate in this tale about the shortness of our lives and the petty concerns that often occupy us.

The project is a collaboration between interactive media artist Scott Snibbe and choreographer/filmmaker Annie Loui.

Watch the Making of Falling Girl video:

Making of Falling Girl video.


Berkeley Art Museum (solo exhibition), Berkeley, California, 2008
Art Rock 2010, St. Brieuc, France, 2010


Directed by Scott Snibbe
Choreographed by Annie Loui
Dynamic media treatment by Scott Snibbe and Annie Loui


Noah Cunningham: Assistant director, cinematography, animation
Matt Haley: Storyboard artist
Ashley Rhodes: Costumes 
Darcy Prevost: Props
Russel Morgan: Rigging (ZFX Flying Effects)
Lonnie Alcaraz: Lighting
Tamar Pacheco-Theard: Illustration
Victor Vasquez, Tom Holloman: Production assistance
Andrew Delman: Video logging
Stephanie Ghertner: Project management
Maribeth Rubin: Administration
Borden Liu, Scott Snibbe: Programming


Jennifer Restivo: falling girl
Evans Jarnfeldt: society man, office boss, husband at breakfast
Michael Doonan: party dancer, couple leaving, office worker
Mitch Lewis: party man with rose, office worker
Nylda Mark: another falling girl, couple leaving, party dancer
Karen Hendricks: society lady, falling girl 2, office worker, wife at breakfast
Rachael Grate: falling girl 3, office worker, party dancer

Produced with the generous support of UC Irvine, The Beall Center for Art and Technology, and the National Science Foundation's CreativeIT program.