It's Out (2001)

Li-Ku, a high ranking officer in the Tang dynasty asked a famous Chan master: "A long time ago a man kept a goose in a bottle. It grew larger and larger until it could not get out of the bottle any more. He did not want to break the bottle, nor did he wish to harm the goose. How would you get it out?" 
The master was silent for a few moments, then shouted, "Oh officer!"
"It's out."

--Huston Smith, The World's Religions, 1958.

"His piece at is minimal and deep. A duck in a bottle. 
do you take the duck out without destroying the bottle? 
You cannot and even worse, when you try, you destroy the duck first. 
Philosophical and plain. Totally realistic and the same time abstract. High level. It also delivers a sinister message under the circumstances..“

--Miltos Manetas, Tirana Biennale catalog, September, 2001

Originally commissioned for the 2001 Tirana Biennale organized by Flash Art.


Exhibition History

Tirana Biennale, Albania, 2001
Deitch Projects, New York, 2001
Arizona State University (solo show), 2004
Version>04. Chicago, Illinois. April, 2004
Shanghai eARTS Festival, 2007